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Camp Twitch

See a week in the lives of some young New Zealanders living with Tourette's Syndrome as they attend Camp Twitch, a camp dedicated to supporting Tourette's sufferers.

For many of the 115 people attending the camp, this will be the very first time that they will meet anyone else with Tourette’s. Some of them will have spent their entire lives up until now hiding from the world.

For living with Tourette’s is no picnic. It’s an incurable, genetic, neurological disorder that causes uncontrollable verbal outbursts and physical movements (called tics) that develop in childhood. Some have frequent outbursts of highly “socially inappropriate” swearing that they have no control over.

Tourette’s sufferers are frequently the targets of bullying, ridicule and even physical assaults. They are prone to depression and self-harm. Many have been forced out of the public school system and are home-schooled. And those who are older find it difficult or even impossible to gain qualifications or employment.

Coming to Camp Twitch will change their lives. They'll learn to celebrate their uniqueness, and achieve things they never thought possible. The only real requirement at camp is that you ‘tic loud, tic proud and give a tic’.

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