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Call The Midwife

The hugely successful drama returns with more laughs, tears and inspiring stories from the nurses and nuns of Nonnatus House.

Brace yourselves for more births, bonny babies and vintage dresses: TVNZ1 will be cycling back to Poplar for another series of hit period drama Call the Midwife.

In the new season, midwives find themselves tested both personally and professionally as never before. All around them they see the old East End vanishing, as the local community expands and familiar homes make way for bold new tower blocks. 

It’s not just the area that’s changing. The much-loved characters are joined by West Indian midwife Lucille Anderson – a funny and clever nurse who brings a fresh burst of energy to life at Nonnatus House. Through her eyes we explore the experiences of the Caribbean nurses who came over in the 1960s to support the growing NHS. 

Together, the midwives face challenging issues including leprosy, tokophobia, stroke and Huntingdon’s disease, all while fighting their own personal battles. Trixie’s romance with Christopher continues to develop, Nurse Crane finds her authority questioned from an unexpected quarter, Sister Monica Joan is forced to accept her failing faculties, and life for the Turners is turned upside down when Shelagh decides to employ an au pair.

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