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Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport

Heathrow, London: Europe’s biggest and busiest airport.

In the eventful new season, we explore life behind the scenes at Europe's biggest and busiest airport. 

Flying even more passengers in and out of the UK’s most popular gateway, it also has to deal with the extra fallout from illegal drones that have closed Britain’s 2nd busiest airport – Gatwick. Floods of delayed and irate holiday passengers head towards Heathrow leaving the King and Queen of Passenger well-being: Demi and Sue to sort out the problem.

Also protecting the public this year are the Metropolitan Police's boys in blue PC’s Terry and Dave.  Armed with semi-automatics since 9/11, Terry and Dave have their work cut out marshalling emergency landings, arresting law breakers and helping passengers on their travels.

Check-in to the new season!

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