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Having troubles with life? Got problems coming out of your ears?

Well come and cosy up to Brainstorm, a new series on TVNZ DUKE hosted by Matt Heath that will attempt, and probably fail, to solve the biggest issues for you.

Modern life is a minefield of complexities. From dealing with daily traffic jams to tangled up earphone cables, the rising cost of avocados and inconsistent wifi connections our lives are a jumbled up series of problems that must carefully be navigated each and every day.

That is until now. Matt Heath has hand-picked 5 of the sharpest, wittiest, most creative minds in NZ to try and solve insurmountable first world problems. Y’know -the big things that really really matter.

Broadcaster Mikey Havoc and entertainer extraordinaire Shavaughn Ruakere have plenty of problem solving experience allegedly and they will be joined by some of the brightest new kiwi comic talent; Donna Brookbanks (Billy T Award nominee 2018), David Correos (Billy T Award winner 2015) and the occasionally hilarious Irish stand up Alan McElroy.

Disclaimer: we do not guarantee any practical solutions to any of the problems raised during broadcast. They are a misfit bunch of entertainers and comedians and probably (almost definitely) lack the mental capacity to provide meaningful resolutions. At no point do we expect them to solve any issues but it will be bloody funny to see them try.

Don’t miss Brainstorm, starting Thursday 14th June, 9.30pm on DUKE!

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