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All New The Big Bang Theory

Our favourite physicists are back in the all new season of The Big Bang Theory - fast-tracked from the US!

With Leonard and Penny’s repeat nuptials on the horizon, the Big Bang gang’s families are coming to town.  Following the season nine finale's awkward encounter with Sheldon’s devoutly religious mother and Leonard's recently divorced parents, the wedding is already looking to provide all kinds of chaos.

Also joining the wedding festivities is Penny's family which include familiar faces sure to bring hilarity! Anxiety-ridden mother, Susan is played by returning TV mum who is no stranger to Kaley Cuoco, Katey Sagal, 8 Simple Rules, and Penny's recently out of prison, drug dealing brother, Randall  played by chipper Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock.

Will we find out what the government really wants with Howard and Raj's guidance system? And with Bernadette's Big Bang Baby also in the mix, nothing is ever going to be straightforward in this quirky clan!

The Big Bang Theory airs Wednesdays 8:30pm, TVNZ 2.

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