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The Barefoot Bandits

Tane, Fridge and Riley are back for more hilarious adventures when The Barefoot Bandits returns to TVNZ 2.

The Barefoot Bandits are setting out discover the secrets of their island home. Join the adventure!

As they embark on more mysterious exploits across the island, the Barefoot Bandits find themselves facing off against new foes including an evil garden gnome, a swarm of angry cicadas, pirate ghosts and an ancient vampire.

The Barefoot Bandits is an animated family comedy from Mukpuddy Animation, featuring the voice talents of Tammy Davis. Josh Thomson, Laura Daniel, Rhys Darby, Teuila Blakely, Temuera Morrison and Leigh Hart.

The Barefoot Bandits screens Saturdays at 6.00PM on 2. 

Made with funding from NZ on Air.

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