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Attitude: In Pot Pursuit

In Pot Pursuit: In this two part documentary, Attitude explores the legislation of medicinal marijuana.

Three individuals with three different medical reasons for wanting to use medicinal marijuana, take us on a journey that reveals how difficult it is to obtain ‘the miracle plant’ in New Zealand.  

Through the eyes of one of our main contributors, paraplegic, Tanya Black we see a system loaded with hoops to jump through and barriers to break down as she tries to find a more natural alternative to her current pain relief - a myriad of prescribed and potentially addictive pharmaceuticals.  

Tanya knew accessing medicinal marijuana would be difficult, but she never realised just how difficult. She’s frustrated by the number of obstacles she’s encountering and losing hope of finding a less harmful way of managing her chronic pain. 

We meet a trio of savvy entrepreneurs jumping on the new and untapped business opportunities. Ex-adman Paul Manning, restaurateur JP Schmidt and former Redbull GM Gavin Pook are at the forefront of developing medicinal marijuana in New Zealand – and with the help of US consultant Matthew Rhoden their start-up Helius is taking off.

Attitude provides inspiration and insights into life with disability, chronic health or mental health issues. Our award-winning documentaries showcase New Zealand documentary making. We tackle important subject matter that impacts the lives of more than 1:4 New Zealanders and their families. The short content is designed to spark conversations, be shared, or be useful.

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