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Around The World By Train

World-renowned comedian, actor and author, Sir Tony Robinson, takes his witty sense of humor and unique perspective on the road or rather - on the rail!

Sir Tony takes a whirlwind journey around the globe, jumping on and off trains across Europe and then heading east through India, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and finally the USA.

Along the way he disembarks to experience and explore the things that fascinate him most – whether it’s mastering the art of herding camels by a helicopter in the Australian outback, joining the musical parade through the streets of New Orleans or abseiling an enormous tree in the Malaysian rain forest.

Join the ride as Sir Tony visits the Louvre in Paris and the Mercedes-Benz factory in Germany, celebrates the end of lent with Buddhist monks and experiences the Muay-Thai kickboxing championship in Thailand.

In addition to discovering every destination's local history and culture, Sir Tony captures the traditions, customs, and every culture's unique way of life on camera.

Whether bathing in a hot spring bath in the mountains of Japan, or uncovering a long-lost Byzantine city in Turkey and making friends with a baby elephant in Thailand – the adventures are endless and train rides provide a whole new perspective to the ride!

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