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American Psycho

From the controversial best-seller by Bret Easton Ellis, comes American Psycho.

With all the accoutrements of a young “master of the universe,” from a designer wardrobe to designer pharmaceuticals, wealthy Manhattan alpha male Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) is seemingly perfect. 

He desperately wants to fit in, yet the more he tries to be like every other Wall Street wunderkind, the more faceless he becomes, and the less control he has over the terrible urges that, ironically, make him feel like an individual. 

Made nearly a decade after the publication of the highly controversial book by Bret Easton Ellis, the film explores the greed, corruption and materialism of the high-rolling late 1980s’ - seen through the eyes of a serial killer.

Not as emotionally charged nor as literal as it once seemed, this terrifying and chilling story is finally confronted in the form of a stunning social satire created for the screen.

Watch on DUKE, Saturday 18th May, 9.30pm. 

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