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Ambulance Australia

Go beyond the flashing lights and discover the real people who are the beating heart of one of Australia’s busiest emergency services.

From the UK Bafta-winning format, Australia’s most loved, gritty and ground-breaking fly-on-the-wall documentary is back!

The number of special events requiring New South Wales Ambulance resources triples in summer, and when combined with extreme weather, and extreme revelry, the entire service must be primed to answer every call and provide care for every patient.  

The series takes a courageous and honest look at the often dangerous and emotionally-charged situations the call takers, dispatchers and front-line paramedics face on a daily basis. They experience the full gamut of raw human existence - birth, death and all the life-altering moments in between.

With unprecedented access, Ambulance Australia follows every step of an emergency response, from the Control Centre staff who answer the triple zero call, to the dispatchers managing the high-pressure logistics of getting crews to the patient, and the expert paramedics providing treatment on the scene.

The much-loved paramedics of series one will return and be joined by several new faces, as they all go to extraordinary lengths to save lives.

Across the series we follow our first responders to the home of a mother in labour and become part of an unexpected home birth; we are there for a work site explosion with multiple casualties; we see paramedics race against time to airlift a car crash victim who was not wearing a seatbelt; and we battle the elements from Sydney’s worst hail storm in 20 years, to 40 degree heat waves and a rural bush fire.

Watch Season two of Ambulance Australia on TVNZ 2, from Thursday 13th February, 8.30pm. 

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