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Alice Snedden’s Bad News

Alice Snedden’s Bad News, is an interview based series that deals with the political and civic aspects of NZ life.

Each segment explores and satirises a topical subject matter. Topical doesn’t mean, of the week, but more ‘in the zeitgeist’. 

Following on from the well known correspondent segments in The Daily Show and other international shows, each segment takes a funny look at the issues of the day, through Alice’s very unique & sometimes controversial lens. 

Alice Snedden’s Bad News is funny and informative. Structured around interviews with real experts in the respective field and perspectives from different comedians featured in each episode; each segment provides and outline of the topic, before exploring it in various funny ways!

Featured comedians include, Rose Matafeo, Chris Parker, Jamaine Ross, Guy Montgomery and Pax Assadi.

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