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The future of online storytelling is here...

Alibi is a brand new local series from the creative minds of kiwi actors David de Lautour, Hannah Marshall and Gareth Williams. In a groundbreaking new form, Alibi is a whodunnit like no other. Viewers can choose what they watch and when and can delve deeper into the wider universe of social media evidence to help decipher who killed 17-year-old Jodie Hunter (Madeline Adams).

Each episode centres around a suspect in the investigation as they are called in to give their whereabouts the day of the murder. But it's up to the audience to watch carefully and decide who is telling the truth and who is not.

Two weeks after the 6 Alibi episodes go live a reveal episode will be dropped and viewers can see if their predictions were right.

Jodie Hunter's family is part of The Ninth Ministry, an Exclusive Brethren type sect, lead by the enigmatic, Father Sebastian Cromwell (Joel Tobeck). She is prevented from contact with perceived "outsiders" of the sect, hence why her relationship with Caleb Akuhata (Dylan Poihipi - Shortland St)  and her best friend Malika Singh (Lindsay Daniels) are kept a secret from her family, school and church.  

Jodie and Caleb are planning to run away together the night of her murder but when Xavier Akuhata (Xavier Horan), Caleb's uncle and leader of notorious local gang, Devil's Gate, finds out Caleb has been stealing from him things take a turn. Jodie tells Malika about her plans to leave and August 24th becomes a tangled web for our 6 suspects. 

The skeletons in the closet of Jodie's teacher Natalie Park (Melanie Vallejo), and troubled labourer Nigel Collins (Fasitua Amosa) all come to the fore on the same day... creating the perfect mystery.

Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty...or are they? Alibi is a brand new way of story telling in the online era. The non-linear format challenges the limitations of traditional broadcast and engages the audience through a rich, complex story of murder set against the beautiful and haunting backdrop of rural New Zealand.

Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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