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Air Crash Disaster

Brace yourself for your newest addiction when Air Crash Disaster comes crashing onto DUKE.

It’s every passenger’s worst nightmare. It's rare, but it does happen. 

Within sight of London’s Heathrow airport, the world’s most sophisticated jetliner loses power to both engines; minutes after take-off, a Scandinavian airliner inexplicably falls out of the sky near Stockholm; spiraling out of control, a doomed airliner crashes into a residential suburb...

From human error to mechanical faults and design flaws, the success of aviation history is punctuated with disaster. 

Based on cockpit voice recorders, eyewitness accounts, and accident reports, and featuring news footage, interviews, and re-enactments, Air Crash Disaster investigates legendary aviation tragedies to find out what went wrong and why…all the while revealing the dark truth: that aviation safety improves - one crash at a time.

Come aboard for gripping true stories of catastrophes, close calls and chaos in the skies.

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