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48 Hrs.

One Cop. One Con. No Mercy.

Blockbuster action-packed comedy about a streetwise convict who teams up with a cantankerous cop to track down two cold-blooded killers.

San Francisco...two men collide. Jack Cates (Nick Nolte) has been a cop since his 21st birthday. On the force for 15 years, he's never made it past detective and he's never very popular with the rest of the heat. One more thing...some say he's got a reputation to live up to...and some say he's got a reputation to live down.

Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy) has been a professional criminal since he was 15. He loves to con, loves to smile, and doesn't like being crossed. He also doesn't like being jobbed and figures on doing something about it when it happens!

With only 48 hours, can oddball cop and tough guy Cates work alongside the wise-cracking Hammond in order to track down a killer?

A cops-and-robbers movie, "48 Hrs." has been hailed as an urban thriller - one with raunchy humour.

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