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20 Years Of Jamie Oliver

Jamie has changed how we cook and eat over the last two decades, but how has the past 20 years changed him?

It’s been 20 years since Jamie Oliver exploded onto our screens and into our homes with The Naked Chef, giving culinary culture a radical shake-up.

Presented by Davina McCall, this special highlights memorable Jamie moments from the past 20 years, covering the highs and lows. From his accidental discovery at The River Café, his rise to fame as iconic Brit-pop chef, his restless campaigning to improve the food system, and the more recent closure of his much-loved UK restaurant group.

In 20 Years of Jamie Oliver, we get under the skin of Jamie Oliver and look back at the roller-coaster of the past 2 decades, uncovering emotional revelations and personal insights along the way – showing viewers the true Jamie, as never seen before.

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